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Torex Screwdriver TPR Handle



Torex Screw Driver APT-2 Color Handle With Card Holder T-10×100

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Barcode Product Code T Blade Width Blade Length
6223007702799 AH143274-T10 T10 5.0mm 100mm
6223007702805 AH143274-T15 T15 5.0mm 100mm
6223007702812 AH143274-T20 T20 5.0mm 100mm
6223007702829 AH143274-T25 T25 6.0mm 100mm
6223007702836 AH143274-T27 T27 6.0mm 100mm
6223007702843 AH143274-T30 T30 6.0mm 100mm
6223007702850 AH143274-T40 T40 8.0mm 100mm
6223007702867 AH143274-T45 T45 8.0mm 100mm